David's Lores Disk

This is the web page for "David's Lores Disk", a set of six games for the Apple ][ completed in 1981. "Lores" is pronounced "low-res", and is short for "low-resolution"; these are games that use the 6502-based Apple ]['s low-resolution graphics mode. They aren't fancy, but they are fun.

It was written by David A. Wheeler. My software was released in 2010 under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later on 2010-06-22. So you can make as many copies as you want of my "Lores" games, and you can make changes and redistribute them, too (see the license for details).

For more details, see the README file and the license.

You can download David's Lores Disk package with source code uncompressed, or simply David's Lores Disk as an Apple ][ disk image. I also have a Lores disk with scores on it for you to beat.

You can also view my home page.