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Wed, 04 Feb 2004

Security Article 4 - Buffer Overflows

Well, I’m happy to announce that my fourth developerworks article on secure development is now out for the public. Go take a look at Secure programmer: Countering buffer overflows.

The world is littered with buffer overflow articles, but I didn’t feel I could really write a good series on writing secure software without covering the topic. My goal was to discuss well-trodden ground while keeping it interesting and trying to bring in new material; hopefully I’ve succeeded at both. I suspect that a lot of developers know vaguely about buffer overflows, but haven’t heard about some of the interesting research to counter them that are finally getting out to the field. If you’re one of those people, you’ll still probably find it interesting.

My goal in all this is to get developers to understand how to write secure programs. If at some developers learn from this stuff, and avoid some old problems, I’ve have succeeded.

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