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Fri, 22 Oct 2004

Supreme Court Could Make Washington, DC Part of Maryland for Congressional Elections

As I’ve noted before, due to strange quirks of history, residents of the U.S. capital — Washington, DC — cannot vote in U.S. Congressional elections. I’m a big believer in democracy, and this is a quirk that needs fixing. I earlier wrote Treat Washington, DC as Part of Maryland for Congressional Elections. to describe what I think is a solution that deserves more consideration. I’ve now added to that essay an important way that result could be obtained: the courts. This situation wasn’t established by the U.S. Constitution (as commonly thought), but by a later 1801 law; before that time, residents of the current DC land voted as Marylandians. So, DC residents could bring a suit to the courts, claiming that the disenfranchisement is unconstitutional. If the U.S. Supreme Court agrees, then voila — DC residents can suddenly vote in Congressional elections, as they did before 1801.

See my essay for more details.

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