Linux URIs

This page presents the uri(7) man page, defining common URIs on GNU/Linux systems. This includes schemes common on GNU/Linux but not necessarily formally defined, such as the man: and info: schemes that both GNOME and KDE implement. If you're running a Linux system, you can just ask for "man:uri(7)" through a browser or type "man 7 uri" at the command line to view this information.

You can view uri(7) in one of the following formats:

  1. HTML
  2. Postscript
  3. PDF
  4. man page format

You might also want to look at related material, such as:

  1. Addressing Schemes by Dan Connolly (a quasi-complete list of schemes)
  2. The Linux Documentation Project (LDP)
  3. GNOME
  4. KDE
  5. The Secure BROWSER convention (a convention for invoking user-defined browsers on Unix-like systems)

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